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Warming up to Winter - Community Education

Experiencing so many changes throughout this global pandemic has me reflecting on my experience opening this counselling practice in the community of Fredericton. I have been officially operating since January 20th!

Although I am heart broken that I cannot see clients face to face at this time, I am extremely grateful for the amazing people I've had the chance to counsel between January 20th and the beginning of social distancing... as well as the opportunity to do some community education just after my first month operating!

I was humbled and exciting by the awesome crowd that came to my talk at CMHA Fredericton. I was able to discuss seasonal affective disorder not only from a psychological perspective, but from a holistic wellness perspective! Everyone contributed uniquely and participated in the activities I asked of them, although some shyly!

Tonight I'm thinking about the things I have to be grateful for... and my community is one of them. I love you Fredericton!

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