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January: Frequently Asked Questions

t's time for an FAQ!

Have you considered counselling with Conscious Counselling and Wellness, but have wondered if counselling is right for you?

Here are some common questions I receive from my valued clients:

Question: What really is counselling anyway? Answer: Counselling is a process where client and counsellor partner together to build toward healing. Your counsellor is there to deeply, and actively listen to your experiences and insights without judgement, in order to help you identify patterns and solutions for whatever it is that you bring to the table. Your counsellor is trained to provide you with helpful tools and resources.

Question: Is my situation "bad enough" to need counselling? Answer: Your feelings are valid and deserve to be heard. Counselling can benefit anybody no matter what they are going through. Some people seek counselling to cope with deep traumas, some people seek counselling to remain accountable with their work goals, to overcome depression, to work on self-esteem, and the list goes on! Everything is relative to the person bringing it counselling! No issue is too small.

Question: Are your services covered by health insurance? As an MSW (Master of Social Work) and RSW (Registered Social Worker), my services are largely covered by most insurance companies such as Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sunlife, Campus Trust, etc. All you have to do is call your provider to ask about your plan! In some cases I can do direct billing to make it easier for you.

Question: Are you covered as a mental health provider with Non-Insured Health Benefits? Answer: Yes, I am.

Question: Do I need a doctors referral to see you? Answer: No! Self-referrals are welcome and encouraged!

Question: Do you have parking outside your office? Answer: Yes, there is a full parking lot for free client parking!

Question: What would I need to bring for my first session? Answer: Just yourself and your willingness to fill out a small amount of paperwork. A first session usually consists of me getting to know the story of your present challenges and developing some goals for counselling together. I will also provide you with some resources this day in session or afterward

I hope this helped answer a few questions, and I want to welcome you to my cozy space, where I hope you will feel encouraged to come in, sit down, and feel safe sharing pieces of yourself and your story so that we can work together toward healing!

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