Feed your Mind, Body and Spirit: CCW Holistic Nutrition

We are so thrilled to announce our newest service and team member at CCW... HOLISTIC NUTRITION WITH ALYSON!

Everyone meet Alyson Watson, Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultation.

What's her story?

Having grown up in a small military town east of Fredericton, Alyson has made a home for herself here in the community. She completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of New Brunswick Fredericton and graduated with a Major in Biology. During her degree, Alyson did a semester abroad and attended the University of Eastern Finland where she studied Biomedicine.

Following a near-death experience, Alyson switched career paths to focus more on the preventative side of health. She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Moncton with a Diploma in Natural Nutrition and a Certificate of Merit.

Alyson has always been a caring and compassionate individual, but it was not until she experienced trauma of her own that she realized how important the mind-body-spirit connection really is and how strong of a connection there exists between nutrition and mental health.

What does she offer?

Alyson works closely with clients to empower and improve nutrition-related symptoms including:

  • chronic disease

  • digestive disturbances

  • stress

  • mental health disorders

  • sleep issues

  • mood fluctuations

  • and nutritional deficiencies and more

Alyson always aims to work collaboratively with her clients to create individualized meal plans that address their specific needs, symptoms, and sensitivities.

Alyson’s holistic approach to your health will help you live a fully nourished life from the inside out!

What do you mean by trauma-informed and eating disorder sensitive?

Trauma-informed services are services that promote:

  • safety

  • trustworthiness and transparency

  • choice

  • collaboration and mutuality

  • empowerment

Alyson and her nutrition services acknowledge the effects trauma has on the mind, body, and digestive systems. She integrates this knowledge into her work.

Additionally, Alyson's services are sensitive to the common triggers and needs of clients with eating disorders.

The focus of Alyson's work is completely around helping her clients FEEL good. Looks and weight are not at the forefront.

Alyson is also able to work specifically with clients who are experiencing an eating disorder or who are in recovery and works with these clients collaboratively with a treatment team either within or outside our clinic.

Note: trauma-informed and eating disorder sensitive does not mean this service is only for specific populations.

Alyson begins accepting new clients January 2022, book now while her books are open!

Curious? Sign up for a FREE 30 minute assessment and consultation with Alyson by emailing or by calling and leaving a voicemail at 506-230-4105.

Service fees (tax included):

Initial 30 minute assessment - FREE

First Session/Intake - $115.00

Initial Follow-up session: $85.00

Subsequent follow-ups: $65.00

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