Sara Mackie, MSW, RSW

Clinical Founder and Director/Social Worker and Therapist/Certified Clinical Trauma Professional/Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga

Sara is a clinically trained, Master's level Social Worker and Therapist with a special interest in helping highly sensitive people and people with complex trauma discover their inherent worth and ability to heal through a strengths-based lens. 

Sara is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional who operates from a therapeutic orientation that prioritizes utilizing the mind-body connection as a resource through evidence-based therapies such as polyvagal and somatic approaches.

Sara uses a blend of mind-based therapies such as narrative therapy, psychodynamic approaches, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to help clients heal their minds along with their bodies, and find integration among the two.


Anna Larmer, BSW, RSW

Clinical/Holistic Social Worker and Therapist

Anna is a clinically and holistic trained Social Worker/Counsellor. Anna has a strong background in working with children and youth at risk, young mothers, Indigenous communities, newcomers and refugees, crisis management, trauma-informed care and various therapeutic schools of thought from her experience working with victims of intimate partner violence,  those experiencing grief, survivors of intergenerational trauma,survivors of mental health challenges, eating disorders, and individuals navigating social welfare systems. 

 Anna is passionate about a balance of clinical and  holistic healing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Anna specializes in cognitive behavioural therapy, outdoor adventure therapy, energy healing and healing through movement. 


Ashley Ho, MA Counselling Psychology (Qualifying)


Ashley is our wonderful Registered Psychotherapist.

Ashley completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. Thomas University and is currently completing the final practical portion of a Masters’ degree in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University.

Some special areas of interest she holds are body image, perinatal and postnatal emotions, self-esteem, trauma, attachment, relationship issues, anxiety, emotional regulation, human rights, trans-generational trauma, holistic, family relationships and impact on one’s sense of self and social identity.

I believe that mental health issues and mental wellness are both natural human experiences. I believe the tools for building mental wellness are accessible to anyone through learning, time and consistency.​

“I look forward to meeting you!” - Ashley


Laura Gallivan, MA Counselling Psychology

Laura is passionate about helping her clients work through their difficult emotions and become more self-accepting, develop a deeper capacity for intimacy, and form more satisfying relationships. Her work is grounded in a belief in the power of compassion and self-awareness to transform lives and facilitate healing.

 As a psychodynamically-oriented practitioner, she helps her clients build this awareness through exploration of their inner life, with particular focus on understanding how past experiences shape thoughts, feelings, and relationships in the present.

Laura values a therapeutic process that considers the whole person. She works collaboratively to ensure her clients feel heard and respected. 

Laura is a graduate of McGill University’s Master’s in Counselling Psychology program. She did her clinical training at both the McGill Psychoeducational & Counselling Clinic and the Argyle Institute of Human Relations. In these settings, she worked with adults of various ages who struggled with trauma, anxiety, depression, and OCD. 

“I look forward to meeting you and collaborating with you on your journey!”

 - Laura


Monija Spago

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Monija completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of New Brunswick and her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. Following many years in the field of psychology and working in different mental health settings, Monija remains inspired by my client's stories of resilience and growth. She is dedicated to helping clients develop self-compassion and a deep sense of respect and acceptance for themselves.  Monija’s warmth and empathy, coupled with her extensive therapeutic experience, make her well suited in supporting her clients with a variety of needs.

As a Registered Psychotherapist, Monija supports her clients with challenges such as trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, attachment trauma, relational conflict, borderline-personality disorder, mood disorders, existential crisis, the meaning of life, grief and loss, chronic impulsivity, stress coping, and parenthood challenges.

Monija offers a variety of integrative therapies with a strong foundation in attachment theory, Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), and trauma-informed therapies such as Cognitive Processing Therapy. She guides her clients in exploring their narrative allowing them to discover their voice and explore events in their lives and the meanings they have placed on these experiences. Monija is also passionate about her work with couples and is certified in Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C) and Gottman Level 1.

“I hope to create a safe and compassionate environment where you can begin your healing journey. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story over a cup of coffee or tea.” – Monija 


Maria DiCarlo, Occupational Therapist

Hello! I’m so excited to offer occupational therapy (OT) through CCW, in an empowering and creative style!

OT is an art and a science that focuses on function from a holistic perspective. Working with me is like a choose-your-own adventure, alongside a creative, fun, and insightful guide with a backpack full of tricks and tools!

My practice includes, and certainly isn’t limited to, neurodivergence, big feelings, exploring/expressing identity, and life transitions. I work with people of all ages.

Guided by curiosity and collaboration, my approach centres healing and (re)connecting with your purpose. I love to draw upon sensory, arts, nature, and play-based strategies and activities. You will have a place to land, be seen and heard, and offered radical permission to find belonging and embrace your magic in this world.

Schedule a free 15 minute call with me if these words speak to you, and you’re curious how we can use the magic of OT to feel better, brighter, and lighter .

To book a FREE 15 minute consultation or session with Maria, contact our administrator at referralccw@gmail.com 

OT services are covered by many mental health plans on programs such as Bluecross! Check with your provider today. 


Alyson Watson, RHN, BSc

Holistic Nutritional Consultant

What's her story?

Having grown up in a small military town east of Fredericton, Alyson has made a home for herself here in the community. She completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of New Brunswick Fredericton and graduated with a Major in Biology. During her degree, Alyson did a semester abroad and attended the University of Eastern Finland where she studied Biomedicine.

Following a near-death experience, Alyson switched career paths to focus more on the preventative side of health. She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Moncton with a Diploma in Natural Nutrition and a Certificate of Merit.

Alyson has always been a caring and compassionate individual, but it was not until she experienced trauma of her own that she realized how important the mind-body-spirit connection really is and how strong of a connection there exists between nutrition and mental health.

  • stress

  • mental health disorders

  • sleep issues

  • mood fluctuations

  • and nutritional deficiencies and more

Alyson always aims to work collaboratively with her clients to create individualized meal plans that address their specific needs, symptoms, and sensitivities.

Alyson’s holistic approach to your health will help you live a fully nourished life from the inside out!

Alyson and her nutrition services acknowledge the effects trauma has on the mind, body, and digestive systems. She integrates this knowledge into her work. Additionally, Alyson's services are sensitive to the common triggers and needs of clients with eating disorders.

Amanda Daley - Hiking Image.JPEG

Amanda Daley

Masters of Counselling Psychology Intern

Amanda is our current Therapy Intern!

Amanda completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and French from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Education from Mount Saint Vincent University. She is currently working as an elementary guidance teacher and is completing the final practical portion of a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. Amanda has a background working with at-risk children and youth and crisis management. This includes experience working with children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, anxiety disorders, and conduct disorder, among others, both in and out of the education system.

As a guidance teacher and former classroom teacher, Amanda is comfortable working with all age groups and is available to work with individuals ages 10 and up. Her special areas of interest include self-harm, abuse, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, emotional regulation and coping skills, stress management, family and relationships issues, and many more!

Amanda is passionate about helping clients re-establish safety and connection in their lives and become more self-accepting, self-aware, and self-compassionate, helping to facilitate healing and growth. Amanda values the importance of the therapeutic relationship by creating a space that feels safe, non-judgmental, and warm for you to be able to come as you are. She hopes to help clients gain a better understanding of themselves, reclaim self-agency, and make meaning of their journey!

“As your therapist, I am here to help empower you to live a more present life, less burdened by the past. I hope to help you reach your goals and remind you to be kind to yourself throughout the process. I look forward to getting to know you and collaborating with you on your healing journey!”


Trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy

In-Progress Certifications:

Cognitive processing therapy

Gottman method couples therapy (Level 1 and 2)

Enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy

Disclaimer: While Amanda is a student she is unable to see the following populations until post-graduation: 

- children aged twelve and under